Our mission is to strengthen Latin American culture and identity in the Latino community while fostering a critical form of integration into Israeli society.  La Escuelita also works to further awareness in the larger Israeli society of the cultures of the migrant workers in the country, in parallel with advocacy for migrant and worker rights.


La Escuelita is a non-profit organization based in Tel Aviv, Israel.  It was started in 2000 by María Cristina Flores Arcila, a Colombian migrant worker who moved to Tel Aviv circa 1993.  Arcila witnessed the difficulties the foreign workers and their children had with maintaining their sense of culture after entering into Israeli society, and started La Escuelita in an attempt to provide Spanish classes to children who had never properly learned their mother tongue.  This was especially necessary in the possible and probable event of deportation.

Today La Escuelita has morphed into a volunteer-based grassroots organization that serves as a cultural center for Latin American migrants in Israel.  Currently located inside the New Central Bus Station of Tel Aviv, La Escuelita offers Hebrew classes for adults, Spanish classes for children, a homework help center, and cultural events involving the larger Israeli community as well as Latinos.


1) To strengthen Latin American children in their Latin American identity and culture.

2) To strengthen the presence of the Spanish language within the community.

3) To help Latin American migrant workers integrate into Israeli society without losing their connection to their own traditions and backgrounds.

4) To involve the migrant workers in the education of their children and the events that La Escuelita promotes.

5) To promote the rights of all migrant workers with a special focus on the Latin American community in the Tel Aviv area.

La Escuelita is a low-cost organization.  We are not-for-profit and mainly volunteer based, but all donations are very welcome.  We hope that through donor contributions we can strengthen our existing programs and create a foundation which will help establish us in the Israeli society. You can peruse our 2011 budget here. To donate by bank deposit, check or cash please contact treasurer Matan Kaminer at matan.kaminer@gmail.com.

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